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Quick Corrections - MAPS

Pick what best describes your issue and proceed.

Quick Correcntions - CONTENT

Pick what best describes your issue and proceed.

Quick Corrections - CODE

Pick what best describes your issue and proceed.

Changes are good.

We will apply the changes that will keep your website or map up to date with your business developments, so your online visitors will not miss anything, and you will not miss any valuable business that will come from them.

Code — Something not showing properly

Website layout/design may not look proper, content may not present well, links do not work as expected, or layout design won't be good on mobile devices. All this happens when the coding is not good. We don't have to blame your designers, it is just all the huge updates happening all over the code <^?@#& world, always. Let us take care of it.

Maps — location, address, pointers

Is your business location not pointed correctly on the map? Do you need to change the address, or do you want to add contact numbers or timings? Any thing to do with the maps listing, let us do it for you.

Content — images, text, videos

Once in a while, updating text and changing images or videos or their sizes to accommodate more content on your website is good practice to keep the website attractive. Shall we do it?

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